Coin Banking Soft

Co-Operative Banking Software

The software ensures full data handshaking among the modules to ensure error-free operation with minimum effort and ensure availability of data when and where it is required. The cost centers can definitely improve the operational efficiency and save cost of operation through proper implementation of the modules. Coin is not a dead-end product. A team of Computer Professionals are working constantly at our production center to make it more effective and incorporate latest advancements in the field of Information ITnology with the help of a few people who has the full domain knowledge of the Co-Operative Banking.

Modules of Coin :

1) Loan Transaction

2) Deposit Mobilization

3) Material Management

4) Financial Management

5) Payroll Management

Implementation Period

Basic features of Software:

>>Subsidiary Loan Cash Book Income and Expenditure

>> Ceiling for Unsanctioned Application

>> Pledge/Misc. Pledge Loan Issue Report and Refund Report

>> Status for Property Mortgage for Crop Loan/Non-Crop Loan

>> Deposit Account Pass Book

>> Register of Savings / Recurring / Daily / Fixed Deposit

>> Register of Cash Certificate

>> Statement of Deposit Mobilized and Monthly Return

>> Sales / Purchase Register

>> Item Ledger

>> Detailed Cash and Bank Books

>> Receipt / Payment Register

>> Debit / Credit Note Register

>> Journal Book

>> Debtors Summery (Accounts Receivable)

>> Creditors Summery (Accounts Payable)

>> General Ledger Account Balance

>> General Ledger Books

>> Trial Balance

>> Trading Account

>> Profit & Loss Account

>> Balance Sheet

We Are developed for "Co-Operative Banking Best Software 2013 "


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