Savings Coalition

Savings Coalition Project

This solution designed to work with your existing system help savings your payment to centralize and canalize the bundles of data to automate routing through administrative functionality.The cost centers can definitely improve the operational efficiency and save cost of operation through proper implementation of the modules. Savings software manages various entities of education system e.g. Member management, accounting , Loan, Recurring , Proft & Loss, Debit & Credit Details,Daily Colllction, Reports etc.

Implementation Period

Salient Features

>>Easy To Use

>> Easy Performance Monitoring Individual Modules

>> Quick Report Generation

>> Status for Property Mortgage for Crop Loan/Non-Crop Loan

>> Profit & Loss Account

>> Easily To Change And Create Academic Year

>> Backup And Restore Datav Facility

>> Manage User Access

We Are developed for "Savings Coalition Best Software 2013 "


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